What You Should Know About Non Prescription Contact Lenses

Nоn prescription colored contacts, оr plano contacts, аrе оnе оf thе newest, hottest trends оn thе market wіth thousands having discovered thе fun оf transforming thеіr eye color. Know thаt уоu wіll need a prescription frоm аn eye care professional prior tо purchase. Frоm thе lightest colored eyes tо thе darkest brown, thеrе аrе options […]

How to Get a Free Pair of Contact Lenses in the Mail

Why Get Contacts? People have been wearing contact lenses for a number of years. Contact lenses are great because they offer an alternative to wearing glasses. Many people do not like to wear glasses for a variety of reasons. Many people prefer contacts over glasses for appearance sake. Whatever your reason, find out a risk […]

How to Get Inexpensive Contact Lenses – Name Brands

Tips for Saving Money on Them I’m a contact lens wearer and I know how much contact lenses can cost. They are not cheap. Add onto that the cost of the exam and other things like contact lens solution and cases and the cost of wearing contacts really adds up. I wonder if I should […]

I Want to Try a Pair of Color Contacts

We got a question from Pandal: Hi, I want to try a pair of the color contacts. In the process of purchasing clear and wondering how I would look in color. Good question. Yes, if you are already wearing the clear, normal kind of contact lenses, then it’s actually really easy to get a pair […]

Different Ways to Get Free Contact Lens Samples

Free Contact Lenses Samples Are you interested in getting some free contact lenses samples? Well, there are so many places (both online and offline) from where you can buy contact lenses, but if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a contact lens without knowing whether it will be comfortable on your […]

Contact Lenses Without Doctor Verification

Consumers with less than perfect vision often wear contact lenses. The younger generation and older folks enjoy wearing contact lenses. You used to have to go to the doctor’s office when you wanted a prescription for contact lenses, but today, it’s possible to get contact lenses without doctor verification in some areas. It has never […]

Contact Lenses Without a Current Prescription

Information About Purchasing Contact Lenses Without Having a Prescription With a Doctor Contact lenses are very small lenses that fit right up against the eye as a substitute for glasses. Contact lenses are very important, but yet expensive to purchase, and then there is the additional cost of the visit to the eye doctor as […]

Contact Lenses Without Prescriptions

How to Find Contacts Without a Prescription The web is the best source for finding contacts without a prescription. You will find multiple websites providing all of your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) brands of contact lenses. You will even find colored contact lenses available for selection if you want to change your eye color to […]

Free Contacts Trial Pair in the Mail

What’s great about getting things for free is that you get to try them out to see if you like the product before you get to try it. Unfortunately, this does not happen with a lot of products any more. It’s too bad because, as the customer, you have no risk at all with trying […]

Is It a Good Idea to Get Free Contact Lenses in the Mail?

Free Trial Colored Contacts by Mail Many people today wear glasses but they don’t like how they look in them. The next best thing is to wear are contact lens. If you want to contact lens and don’t have insurance to pay for them. Then you need to look further because there are many websites […]